Bernd W. Wirtz, Vincent Göttel


Technology acceptance of information systems has been investigated widely in both empirical and meta-studiesof different contexts. Yet, in the case of technology acceptance regarding social media, there is a lack ofcomprehensive literature reviews of hitherto existing empirical, multivariate studies. This is surprising given socialmedia’s meaning for individuals and society, as well as the accordingly high level of user acceptance. We reviewempirical research using structural equation modeling or multiple regression regarding technology acceptance in socialmedia. Since the technology acceptance model (TAM) and the related constructs Perceived Ease of Use (PEOU),Perceived Usefulness (PU) and Subjective Norm (SN) are the most predominant ones in related studies, these representthe essence of this literature review. We identify 35 studies and review the variables used with regard to their treatmentas independent or dependent, as well as their relationships with other constructs in different thematic contexts of socialmedia. We find both similarities and differences concerning the original TAM as well as TAM 2 and 3. Most strikingly,the priorities concerning PEOU, PU and SN seem to change. Overall, PEOU together with its impact on constructslike Perceived Enjoyment is of greater importance in social media acceptance than PU, whereas SN and relatedconstructs take center stage. Some researchers, for example, also extend the quality observation parameters of DeLoneand McLean [2003] in the social media context by adding a social component or quality. In addition, we identify awealth of new variables, which both influence and are influenced by PEOU, PU and SN in the social media context.

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May, 2016

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